TC Games VIP Cracked For PC can mirror any Android screen on a Windows PC. You can use it to play Android games on your PC! A computer and mouse are all you need to do it, and it’s faster than a simulation. It’s very easy to use; all you have to do is follow a few steps to play it on your Android phone. Right now, you can mirror your phone or computer to your Windows screen.

TC Games VIP Unlocked For PC

Made it possible to change the touch strength of the joystick so that TC Games VIP Mod For PC works like a finger. Added the W, A, S, and D direction keys. In the keymapping settings for the game PUBG Mobile, players can make the W, A, S, and D moving keys work with more objects. After that, they can check the box next to Shift Binding and press w+shift to run. You can also download Save Wizard PS4 Max Crack.

TC Games VIP Cracked Download For PC

In 3D games, this is how you quickly change the point of view. To recover a shortcut, press Ctrl+F5. Download TC Games VIP Free PC will put all the keys and the mouse back to how they were before they were used. Easy to use, just project and read the QR code to quickly copy your phone to your PC. A macro key is a button that you can change.

TC Games For PC Latest Version

A button can do more than one thing if you change a script key. You need to connect your phone via USB after putting TC Games on your PC. After that, it will be simple to change the quality to 1080p at 60 frames per second. You can always pause and resume HD video. Take charge of your computer and mouse! A great and simple tool for people who love how easy and handy it is to play games on computers.

99% of Android phones can use TC Games Premium For PC, and all popular Windows PCs can too. Not even 5% of the CPU is being used. Sigma Resources & Technologies has made it possible for 1080P screens to mirror at up to 60 frames per second. They did this by studying on-screen projection and device control for many years.

It is now clear that Sigma is the best at projecting screens and controlling PCs, TVs, phones, and projectors. TC Games Crack Version Download For PC was made with Sigma’s fast screen reflection and fast device handling in mind. It lets people play mobile games on a PC with a big screen, keyboard, and mouse. You can also download download reWASD Crack.

TC Games VIP Cracked PC


High Definition Mirroring

TC Games Full Crack PC lets you show a high-resolution Android screen. It can handle resolutions up to 1080p. It can also handle frame rates up to 90 fps. So, you can get a better feel for the game you are playing.

Full Control

For gamers, not being able to fully control their games is very dangerous. If you want to be better at games, you need to know how to use the keyboard and mouse on your PC. TC Games Cracked PC lets you play games on your computer that look like they’re on your Android phone. You also have full control over the computer by changing the settings for the keyboard and mouse.

Record the screen

This easy-to-use program lets you record your screen. This means you can save the best parts of your game on your PC to look at later. We know pros need it a lot.

More quickly than emulators

It’s clear that TC Games For PC 64 Bit runs faster than other versions. The way you download and install things will make you think that. Other emulators need a certain amount of RAM to even work, but TC Games Download For PC 32 Bit Windows 7 don’t need that much room or slow down your computer. It won’t use up 5 GB of room or half of your CPU. When you only need 1 GB of free room for TC games, the CPU is used for only 5% of the time.

Connect via USB or Wi-Fi

With this simple method, you can connect your PC to your Android phone via USB or Wi-Fi. This gives you more freedom while you play.

Good Fitting Together

As long as your PC meets a few simple requirements, you should be able to run and use the TC Games Windows 7 32 Bit. It works on both Windows and Mac.

Backward Control

With Free Cracked PC Games Download Full Version, you can easily manage your phone from your computer. From the PC, you can control your phone with either the keyboard or the mouse.

System Configuration

  • Windows: 7,8, 10, or Higher
  • Empty Space: A minimum 1 GB of empty space is required
  • RAM: Minimum 1 GB or More
  • Processor: Minimum 3 GHz, whether it is intel or AMD
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics card or required, or any equivalent for AMD.

Technical Details

  • Latest Version: 3.0.3712914
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 99.9 MB