Office 2013-2024 C2R can also create custom Office installations offline for subsequent use. OInstall Exe Installer program offers a satisfactory user experience by providing efficient functionality that facilitates time-saving and effortless installation for novice users. You can also get KMSpico download.

OInstall Office 2013-2021 C2R / OInstall Lite 7.6.2 Free Download

If one has previously installed Microsoft Office in order to locate versions on forums or blogs, they may now just download a utility program.

OInstall Exe Download facilitates the installation of Microsoft Office versions, making the process convenient. In addition, the program may be used for uninstalling Office, therefore offering a resolution to the issue of being unable to reinstall Office as a result of encountering an installation error. Get RemoveWAT for free.

OInstall Office 2013-2021 C2R / OInstall Lite 7.6.2 Free Download


  • Install all versions of Microsoft Office from 2013 to 2024
  • Support installing 2 32 bit, 64 bit versions
  • Selected components are installed in Microsoft Office
  • Multilingual language (including Vietnamese)
  • Activate all versions after installation in the “Utilities” Tab
  • Free activation from Wikipedia
  • widgets
  • Can download .ISO file for Offline installation (when such network is not available)

How To Use Office 2013-2024 C2R?

  • Uninstall Office 2016 via the (Control panel) applet “Add or Remove Program.”
  • Use “Force Remove Office” to uninstall Office 2016 and then restart your computer.
  • Click the “Install Office” icon to install Office.
  • Go to the “Utilities” tab and perform the “Office RETAIL => VL” conversion.
  • Then click “Activate Office”
  • Alternatively, launch KMS Tools and select “Activate Office.”