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  • MINITAB has a full set of tools for data analysis that lets users do many types of statistical studies, such as hypothesis testing, descriptive statistics, regression analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and more.
  • Users can look through their information to find patterns, trends, and connections.
  • Minitab 17 Free Download helps with efforts to improve quality by giving you tools for statistical process control (SPC), design of experiments (DOE), reliability analysis, and quality management.
  • Users can find out what factors affect the quality of a product, improve methods, and make the product work better overall.
  • Minitab 17 License Key Free users can make useful graphs and charts to see how data is distributed, how factors are related, how processes work, and quality control charts.
  • The program has many kinds of graphs that can be used to show data clearly and explain analysis results.
  • Advanced statistical methods like regression analysis, time series analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis, and more can be used to build predictive models and look at data.
  • Minitab 17 Download lets you use prediction modeling to see what trends will happen and make decisions based on data.
  • To conclude data, users can test their hypotheses on means, rates, ranges, correlations, and other statistical factors.
  • Minitab 17 Torrent lets users make professional reports that include an overview of the analysis results, statistical findings, graphics outputs, and how the data is interpreted.
  • For talks, partnerships, papers, or legal paperwork, users can make thorough reports.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 150 MB free space
  • Intel Pentium 4 or later processor