Media Companion Free Download is the first free Movie/TV Show manager and organizer with complete XBMC integration. Why organize your DVD and Blu-ray collections? Using Media Companion makes it simple! Simply stated, Media Companion provides the capability to collect information from the Internet and make it accessible in an organized format. Must get Tally Prime Crack.

Media Companion 3.762 Free Download Latest 2023

Included in the collected data are posters, backdrops, narrative summaries, images of actors and actors, ratings, etc., which are set alongside your video files for a simple addition to your library. Currently, Media Companion 64-bit Key supports Movies and Television Shows!

The collected information, which includes posters, backdrops, narrative summaries, actor and actor images, ratings, etc., is set alongside your video files for a simple addition to your library. You can also use IBM SPSS Statistics 29 Crack.



  • XBMC Movies Link – Changes in MC update XBMC. TV Support will follow subsequently. See Scrape Blu-Ray Folder structure documentation.
  • Obtain movie data from IMDB using the built-in parser
  • Using the XBMC parser, extract movie data from TMDB.
  • You can obtain movie posters from IMDb, TMDb, IMPA, or MPDB.
  • TMDb provides movie backdrops for download.
  • Download trailers for movies from IMDb and Yahoo!
  • View and edit all gathered information.
  • Media Tags are saved in NFO.
  • Include ‘ExtraThumbs’ and ‘xtraFanart’ (movies must be in separate folders for skins that support this function). Must download Maplesoft Maple Crack.
  • Automatically rename using user-defined or preset parameters
  • Automatically rename the movie’s folder using user-defined or preset parameters.
  • Utilizing a variety of filters and queries, users can search for and peruse through films.
  • Export to HTML movie information and artwork using templates that can be customized.
Media Companion 3.762 Free Download Latest 2023

TV Series:

  • Optional built-in TVDb scraper or XBMC TVDb scraper
  • Automatically obtain TV Show and episode information from TVDb.
  • Download images of actors from TVDb or IMDb.
  • Download and select Show and individual season posters.
  • Download an episode image.
  • Create a screenshot if there is no download option.
  • Automatically rename episodes based on predefined or custom criteria
  • Include ‘ExtraThumbs’ and ‘ExtraFanart’ (for skins supporting this feature)
  • Media Tags Storage in NFO
  • Display absent episodes in your collection.
  • Display episodes in airdate order (so viewers can determine where specials fall in)
  • Export TV-related information to HTML using customizable templates.

Home Movies:

  • Addition of home-made or independent films without obtaining information
  • Separate the Home Movie Folder Title and Sort the Title Outline, Starring, and Year fields.
  • Development of Screen-Shot

System Requirments

  • Regarding Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1 Windows 10 For Windows 11

Media Companion 3.762 Release Changes

  • TV – When using the F2 Manual series add, and display a Poster rather than a banner.
  • Movie – Fix Fanart. The visual lexicon of television returned.
  • Movie – Repair if the user has poster.jpg rather than moviename>-poster.jpg.
  • Movie – Fix export order to CSV if movies are selected out of order

How to Setup?

  • Tap the Download button.
  • Automatic software downloads.
  • Start Downloading the File.
  • Select Install.
  • Adhere To The Instructions.
  • Thank You for Downloading