FreedomGPT 2.0.1 Free Download is your way to get started with AI. No technology skills should be needed to use the latest AI models in a way that is both private and safe. FreedomGPT’s Liberty model will answer any question, unlike ChatGPT, without control, judgment, or the chance of “being reported.”

FreedomGPT 2.0.1 Free Download For Windows

With the FreedomGPT App Store, you can try out a huge number of AI models. You can run them in your browser or on your computer with just one click, and you don’t have to sign up for anything. Best of all, you don’t need any technical skills.

Switch between different AI tools made for different jobs as quickly as moving between computer tabs. And if you’re an AI creator who wants to show off your model on FreedomGPT.

Support for two AI models

FreedomGPT asks you to choose an AI model. You must pick the AI model and download the packages if they are not on the PC. Please make sure your computer has adequate storage space since this requires a lot.

Before talking to the chatbot, FreedomGPT supports the Alpaca and Llama models, which you may download. These AI models demand a lot of storage and RAM, so make sure your PC has enough.

FreedomGPT 2.0.1 Free Download For Windows

Consor-free chatbot for contentious questions

FreedomGPT free download launches the AI model and shows a ChatGPT-like conversation window. FreedomGPT’s latest version is about free expression, thus it answers your questions without prejudice or judgment, unlike the latter.

FreedomGPT may discuss any issue, no matter how controversial or inflammatory. Remember that breaking moral boundaries using AI might lead to inaccurate or harmful responses, but this is an easy method to grasp other perspectives.

FreedomGPT does not include safety filters, however, the creators pledge to preserve all data on the host PC for privacy.

Talking to an AI without social standards takes more responsibility.

FreedomGPT stands out because it allows you to ask any question, even outside of society’s moral standards, and it runs locally on your computer, loading the AI model in RAM without an Internet connection. However, it is a conventional chatbot with a ChatGPT-like GUI that simplifies AI interaction.

FreedomGPT is not for everyone due to its nature and approach. No safety filters mean increased accountability for acts and talks with an AI without a moral compass. However, trying the app may change your opinion.